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Professional interior photo sessions, perfect for the portfolios of architects and interior designers.

Photography of commercial facilities such as restaurants, hotels, offices, etc.

Photos of properties available for sale and rent.

Thanks to my service, you will receive high-quality photographs, ready for publication on websites, advertising portals and social media. By highlighting the unique features of each project, my photos will become an effective marketing tool, increasing the attractiveness of the offer and attracting the attention of potential customers.

I carry out photo sessions all over Poland. To the indicative price list for:

- interior photography for architects and designers

- photography of real estate for sale and rent,      

which is below, I add the cost of travel from Przemyśl (e.g. Kraków, Lublin + PLN 200 gross) - everything is negotiable.

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I specialize in interior photography, emphasizing

the uniqueness of completed projects. My photos attract customers' attention, helping you present your skills effectively

and style. Stand out with visualization, increasing

the attractiveness of your offer.

I convey the atmosphere and mood of the interior through

my photographs, often using natural light. I focus

on highlighting textures, textures and details, which

adds  depth and authenticity to my photos.

What does working with me look like:

First, we define the scope of the session and your expectations regarding the photos. Please send visualizations or working photos of the interior in order to better organize the session. Then we set a session date and finalize the cooperation

by signing a contract.

I always take additional shots during the session. After the first selection, I provide you with unprocessed photos from which you select those for final post-production. You can also rely

on my experience to choose if you want.

Finally, I deliver ready photos in full resolution and in a size adapted for publication on platforms such as social media.




Approximate price list (click to return):

10 photos – PLN 400 gross

15 photos – PLN 600 gross

20 photos – PLN 750 gross

30 photos – PLN 1,000 gross

For a detailed quote, please contact me.


I provide professional photo sessions of properties for sale and rent. My offer is addressed to real estate agencies, intermediaries, rental managers, and individual people who want to sell real estate.


The benefits of my service include:

Reflecting the character and atmosphere of the interior: by carefully performing a photo session, I try to capture the unique character and atmosphere of the property, which helps potential clients better understand its value.

Presenting it at its best: carefully selected angles and compositions of photos are designed to present the property in the best possible light, highlighting its advantages and unique features.

Evoking positive emotions: through aesthetic and professional photos, I try to evoke positive emotions in potential customers, which can increase the attractiveness of the offer.

Effective Marketing: I provide services supporting effective real estate marketing, enabling you to stand out from the competition and reach a wider group of potential customers.


Approximate price list (click to return):

10 photos – PLN 300 gross

15 photos – PLN 450 gross

20 photos – PLN 600 gross

For a detailed quote, please contact me.


I photograph the interiors of restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, etc. Professional photos, competitive prices. Ask for an offer tailored to you.

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